Monday, 25 June 2007

If Only Judas Had Waited

I've written about Judas before. He's a fascinating character for several reasons that will become evident over time and many more blog entries. For now, think about his suicide. Within 24 hours of handing Jesus over to the authorities, Judas has killed himself. Despite Jesus saying that the crucifixion will result in resurrection, Judas does not remember this and does not see any light at the end of the tunnel.

What if Judas had waited a few days and wallowed in his misery? Suppose he had lived long enough to see the risen Christ in the garden? Would Jesus, much as he did with Peter, offer Judas a chance to be reconciled? Perhaps he would have commanded Judas to, "Feed my lambs" as he did with Peter.

Suppose that all this had happened, and that Jesus had the opportunity to welcome Judas back into the fold. What status would we have afforded Judas today? What status would the early church have given him? Perhaps even a letter from Judas would have graced the pages of the New Testament! None can say. However, what we can pose is the challenge of weakness in the face of power - or genuine power itself. That is, it is reasonable that Jesus would have made such an offer to Judas. Even if Judas had acted treacherously, being brought back into communion with the other disciples would have been one of the greatest demonstrations of grace the world had ever seen. Such grace (what the world sees as weakness) is the greatest power of all. Such a "weakness" on the part of Jesus would have been enough power to destroy centuries of exile and condemnation by others.

In weakness is true power.

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Damo said...

"In weakness is true power"

An apt saying if I had ever heard one. To withhold power when the power is there to use is a bit of an alien thought nowadays. It is also something that I try to also do in my own life....sometimes not always sucessfully.