Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Champions of Norrath

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Although not quite against my better judgment, I've recently acquired a copy of Champions of Norrath for the PS2. It was by Snowblind Studios who had done Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance so I went with it based on that recommendation. I also pocketed Justice League Heroes (Snowblind again) while I was there. Hooray for bargain bins.

And this is my first taste of Evercrack. I can see the addiction potential there, easily. It's the sort of thing that compels the player to level up over and over again. There just doesn't seem to be an end to it and if there is the opportunity to get even bigger stuff, it happens again. Such a hack'n'slash. There is no way that I will ever play this online, though. I have a life and playing online only adds the extra compulsion of additional social contracts. I already have a social contract that is more valuable than finding the next munchkin-esque weapon on the corpse of the villain.

The bugs in the game are disappointing and infamous. Delays between subtitles and voice soundtracks... delays in displaying the terrain... I even found one doorway that didn't have a caption like the others, it had the subrountine call instead. Still, it worked and I went through to pound the next bunch of monsters.

Overall, I still enjoy the game, despite the problems. I'm not expecting a story as such. There aren't any complexities and the plot is very linear. With the variety of characters and the different levels I'm likely to play this game again, perhaps as a different character and then back to the first one. It certainly won't be a game that I play through to the end just the once. There seems to be good longevity with it. I'm glad I bought the PS2. Now, if only there was a PS2 title called Materialist Philosophy of God.
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